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Welcome to my blog!

First blog - first news!

2016 will see the publication of my debut novel - as yet to be titled but I hope to have this news very shortly. May 20th 2015 was a pivotal date for me - securing a two book deal with Transworld publishers (Bantam) for my series featuring Detective Inspector Harry Virdee.

What sort of novels?

Crime thrillers with the emphasis on "thriller".

Police procedural? Nope.

Page-turning pace - yes.

In a series of soon to be published blogs, I hope to take you on the struggles, lows and eventual highs of the publication process. I will be writing about my personal journey and more broadly about the publishing process / agents and in my opinion how this (complex) business works.

Having read many blogs and interviews from other authors, i hope to add something different in the hope that it inspires / helps / motivates other writers to persevere.

I will end my first blog with the sobering statistic that I started writing in 2004. Secured my first agent in 2008. Left that agency in 2013. Got a new agent in 2014. Secured my first deal in 2015.

I've written a million unsuccessful words, eventually crafted 82,000 of them which nailed it and never once doubted that it was possible.

If you love writing - you'll never do a days' work.


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